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Helping you engage your young professional employees

In the workshops, I use exercises from my coaching program that give my young professional clients a space to find a more productive perspective on their work and put new skills into action. The purpose of inviting me into your company or one of your young professional group events is to refocus your employee engagement and your results in productivity and effectiveness. 

"Profit is both the result of doing things right and doing the right things" - David McNally

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"We had Hannah as a key note speaker for a conference for our developing management candidates. Not knowing the audience, she engaged with people 1on1 prior to her message and her presence during her talk connected her to the entire room. She ended with a powerful exercise  helping people identify their strengths and talents, which gave us a taste of what she does with her clients. I highly recommend you to check out what Hannah has to offer through Mento Mindset!"

Greg Cothran Jr.


Strengths and Talents

People who have the ability to focus on their Strengths at work are 6 times more engaged. Out of 10 million people surveyed, only 3 million said they are able to use their strengths and talents at work. Most people don't know what their strengths are or how to utilize them. I'm on a mission to help the remaining 7 million people get engaged, get happy and have a larger impact on your company goals.



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