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A Decision Made is a Step Taken

“Some of the best years of my life were trying to chase that ability to challenge myself in my career,'' Whitney said as I asked her questions about how she grew into her current role and some of the bumps along the way. This comment was the mature and successful voice of a young professional who can look back and see all those tough days were worth the fight.

I met Whitney a few years ago and from the moment she introduced herself I could tell she was a powerful person in our office. Her confidence was unwavering, her work was top of the line and she never took herself too seriously. Whenever someone wanted something done and done right, they went to Whitney for it.

As she told me her story of not loving her second professional job out of college where she was in a sales role, she learned that she was more interested in the marketing side of the business where detailed strategy was weighted heavily. She knew she cared about business and management and always wanted to get her masters so within no time her solution was to go back and get her MBA. She described it as “a big leap of faith that drastically affected my life” as anyone who pays their own way through their masters and knows the time commitment would understand this.

I always knew Whitney was super decisive, but when I asked why she felt an MBA would get her to her career goals, her answer surprised me. She said “lack of confidence.” She didn’t know if it was the end all be all answer, but it gave her the confidence and knowledge to break into a great marketing role. I thought to myself, young professionals should take a leap of faith to make a big move if it gives you the confidence to take the next step in your career path - A great lesson to all young professionals navigating their career journey.

Obviously a lot has happened between Whitney's decision to get her MBA and the strides she has taken in her success so she went on to say, “Sometimes it might not be the right decision but its taking that first step towards the right decision.” It's not about being decisive or confident, it's about doing your best every single day to find what you love. It's about chasing the challenges even when things are hard, because at the end of the day you will overcome your challenges and look back to see what you created!

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