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Don't get lazy in the middle!!

The middle is the part that matters the most.

Think about any movie, fight, story - the middle is where everything gets decided and dictates the end.

I.e. When you start a new job.

The beginning is exciting and new. You don't really know what to expect, so you ride the wave and take one day at a time. Some people find success quickly in their projects and start to get the hang of it. Even when things don't go perfectly, you know you are still learning and they will get better as time goes on.

Next, you start to hit some bumps in the road. You're maybe 4-6 months into the role. You have an expectation for yourself and assume you should be at a certain level in performance. Maybe you haven't received the praise you believe your work deserves thus far and now that you made one small mistake you're being tapped on the shoulder by your manager asking what went wrong. You're analyzing everything you've done in your role since day one and trying to rise above the mistake. You want to do better next time and prove you have what it takes to complete your projects or daily tasks in peak performance. You want to work toward that next level and be considered for a promotion at some point, but all odds seem to be against you.

Welcome to the middle.

The middle is the hardest because you're worn down and feel shameful to be in this predicament.

"You're too far in to turn around and not close enough to the end to see the light." - Brene Brown

Our Shame or Hurt has been triggered and it causes us to justify the thoughts of the people around us. We don't know the outcome yet and can only see all our work crumbling infront of us before our eyes.

My manager doesn't care about my personal success

My company just wants to make money

No one would even notice if I left

I'm not on anyone's radar for a promotion.

These thoughts are based off of the middle mess. They are assumptions that most times are not true. These assumptions are important to recognize while deciding what you're going to do in the midst of adversity.

Are you going to flee and find a new job where you can prosper?

Are you going to fall into a negative mindset.

Are you going to blame your job for all your troubles


Are you going to sit down with your manager - find out what you're succeeding at and what you might need to improve on, do everything in your power to make an educated decision on what the next best step is. Maybe it is to make a plan to be promoted and maybe it is to move somewhere else and attack a different opportunity.

The middle is the hardest but the most important. Learn how to overcome it! It will be worth it.

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