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Gain the Power you Need in 2 Minutes.

Have your heard about the Power Pose? Or we can be politically correct and call it "postural feedback."

When you're going into a big meeting, interview, or maybe just a simple confrontation, there is a sense of confidence you need to perform at your highest potential. If you could gain that in 2 minutes, would you do it.

Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist at Harvard University, says that when you stand or sit in a high-power pose, an increase in testosterone and a decrease in cortisol changes your physiology to provide you with a feeling of "power." It is important to note, other people can sense this confidence when you physically open up, expand (arms/body), and take up space. Your presence and postural feedback is just as communicative as the words you are saying. I know, this is powerful stuff!!

The hormones created in the power pose encourage you to see challenges as opportunities instead of threats. In addition, your pain threshold is higher and you can think more abstractly.

If I've convinced you to try out the Power Pose, let's learn how to do it. Maybe try it in front of a mirror first for two minutes to get comfortable or before your meeting in the bathroom for two minutes, then use it in your next presentation or while talking to a colleague about your idea on a new project by the coffee machine (trying to really draw the scene for you here).


1. like Batman or Wonder Woman with your hands on your hips and chin up.

2. Raising your hands in the air like marathon runners do when they cross the finish line (obviously can't do this one during the presentation, by maybe before the meeting, in the bathroom for 2 minutes.)

3. Puff out chest, arms spread open, feet apart.

4. (behind a table) plant hands on table, lean over table, and point feet towards the person you're speaking to while apart.

Sitting: (ladies! It's okay to cross legs, just don't double cross with the ankles)

1. leaning back with you hands behind your head and open elbows (feet up on table/ open on floor/ or cross ankle over opposite knee.

2. leaning back with your elbows open and relaxed on the arms of your chair or one arm out leaning on the chair next to you.

There are a few things you'll need to consider before the two minute magic confidence pose.

If you haven't done your research on the topic you're talking about or the company you're interviewing with and are not fully prepared on all other fronts, no power pose is going to get you that promotion, new job, or allow you to win that big project.

And if your thoughts in your head are repeatedly negative or go against your ability in the move you're trying to make, a power pose may not break those limiting beliefs. (both topics for another day), but keep them in mind.

Try it!! What do you have to lose?

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