• Hannah Mento

How to measure your year?

There are so many days we come home from work feeling spent, tired, and some days we feel defeated.

Do we feel this way because our energy is being utilized or wasted.

Let's say it's being utilized for the amazing things you're doing and creating at work everyday.

Let's say you feel tired because you've been go go go for 8-10 hours.

Let's say you spend your time at work, giving it your all and doing everything in your power to do the best job possible.

That daily feeling may leave you wondering:

Did I move the needle forward?

Could I have done more today to make a difference?

Am I adding value to this project or process?

I encourage you to stop looking at your days and start looking at your weeks, months, and years. Go back in your schedule or your email and see all you've created. It is liberating to realize how far forward you've moved the needle, the difference you've made, and where you've added value.

If you're a manager, do this exercise with your team in your one on one's. Help them see the purpose of their role and the challenges they have overcome. Give clarity to the impact your team is making and how bright the future is with the awesome people you get to work with every single day!

Empower your people and yourself with the clear difference you've made these past 365 days. Don't just think about it, write it down on paper. Watch yourself fill the pages

with amazing accomplishments. Watch your employee feel a bolt of energy as they realize what they've done in a year.

Be careful spending too much time filling your head with thoughts around what you didn't do or could have done in a day and build your thoughts around what you've completed, accomplished, and achieved in a year.

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