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How you know when it's time to quit...your job

For almost a year I battled the question 'Should I stay or should I go?' Each time I thought I had tried everything, a new project came my way that I thought would be my ticket to the next level. In my Power to Promotion group coaching course, we spend a lot of time defining where you are as a working professional and where you want to go because if you don’t know the answer to these two questions, you’re not going anywhere fast! I was at a really cool tech company with a great group of people in a position that I had grown out of and was actively proving myself everyday to get to the next level. Each time I was sure I had taken an opportunity and maximized it, I had been knocked down 5 pegs.

- I applied internally to the position above mine where the team was restructured and manager was replaced.

- I trained and interviewed for another position in my department, received a verbal promotion just to find out the position was 'frozen indefinitely'

- I built my own position/promotion based on the needs of the teams I worked with -presented it to management just for my good idea to be snickered at and turned down.

I decided I had done all I could do here and it was time to part ways.

It took a couple months for me to muster up the courage and pull the trigger but I realized the anxiety wasn’t worth it anymore.

I know I am a capable and smart individual who can make a huge impact at a company with the right support and in a position that fits my talents. Let’s clarify something here quick, I’m not quitting corporate - I’m allowing myself a little break and clear head to start the hunt of finding my next career step and choosing the right one for me.

I saved up a few months worth of expenses to ease the stress of my hunt and will enjoy the time I have to search.

Over the past few days I’ve reached out to old colleagues, mentors, and professional people who I have so much respect for to talk about my next chapter. This networking has been so eye opening and I’ve loved having the time to do it. It’s funny - there are two reactions from people when they say ‘what’s new?’ and I say “Well I just quit my job!”

1. CONGRATULATIONS!! (gleaming with excitement for me)

2. Oh really? well, what are you going to do next?... to this question I respond, “I’m going to live.” Some laugh because they think I’m kidding and say “no really, what are you going to do?” and others just take my answer for what it is and move on.

The truth is, I’m going to live because we are here to enjoy the things around us, including work. No, not everything is going to be perfect all the time but it shouldn’t be 70% stress and 30% fun. If you can search for the right job while working full time and spending time with your family and organizing your life and adulting and having fun, I think that’s great - but it wasn’t right for me.

Where and I going? I’m not sure what the job title is, but I know I'm good at empowering teams and individuals to perform at their highest ability using their unique talents. I see myself instill confidence in others and make them feel like they can accomplish anything. I love the comradery of a team and how each person brings an amazing but different glow to the table.

I also love Mento Mindset because I get to see people transform their thinking from a negative survival perspective into an inspiring story where the opportunities are endless.

I love helping people become more productive in their goals and enjoying their everyday life. I’m great at being a support system and a cheerleader for the big successes and the little ones. Whatever the title - it will be a stepping stone to the place I love and the place I truly want to be. So I don't know exactly where I'm going, but I know it is going to be great!!

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