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5 things in your life that are worth losing

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

*Remove the Old and Make Room for the New*

1. Lose the G U I L T . It is tarnishing your spirit. Guilt to the soul is like pain to the body. Change your behavior to change your mindset and move forward without carrying the baggage.




Be courageous. admit your mistakes. lose the guilt.

2. Lose the E X C U S E S . These are lies you tell yourself to deny that you've done something wrong. Again... forgiveness is courage.

3. Lose the N E G A T I V E P E O P L E . These are the people who steal your good energy with their toxic words and limiting beliefs. If they don't support you, they won't be a positive impact. It is okay to outgrow people who stop growing.

4. Lose the A N X I E T Y . The reason you hold on to it; is because it makes you feel like you are doing something about the problem. you're not; you're letting the problem get worse, while you get nowhere.

5. Lose your N E G A T I V E S E L F T A L K . You subconsciously define yourself by the story you repeat. Eventually you will start living that story. This is what it means to fake it til you make it. When you make it, your story will be repeated by others.

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