• Hannah Mento

Living and Working Stretegically

Do you live your life strategically or randomly?

Do you still find yourself saying YOLO to make decisions?

Young professionals live in a time and place where we seem to have fewer obligations than the generations before us. With hundreds of places to order take out from, drivers at our finger tips and two-day shipping, we have the opportunity to choose want we want as we go. Unfortunately, without learning delayed gratification, we struggle to learn how to live and work strategically.

In his book Off Balance, Matthew Kelly explains how most people make their daily decisions while living randomly. He references a survey by where thousands of people were asked, "How is the best way to live?"

Kelly says: "Three times as many (people) chose 'doing what you want, when you want, and not having to answer to anyone' as the best way to live than 'never losing sight of what's really important.' In essence they are saying 'it's okay to lose sight of what's important as long as you get to do what you want.'"

Do you agree losing sight of what's really important is okay as long as you get to do what you want?

I think we can all agree that it is a blessing to be able to live in a place where we can pretty much do what we want, when we want, with whoever we want. But what kind of life is that? Want kind of reward does that offer us? How will we endure satisfaction by always doing what we want when we want?

There is very little reward because you can't build happiness off of short-term pleasure.

Living randomly has a direct impact on how you approach your career. If you approach it randomly, then you'll see pleasurable results. Your happiness will only last so long. If you want to build a career that gives you happiness and satisfaction, You'll need to start living strategically.

If you want to start building an amazing career and finding how to live best... or if you are managing, guiding, and mentoring people on your team to do so, start with these three principles.

1. What are your S T R E N G T H S as an individual and how can you be the-best-version-of-yourself.

2. Have an organizing V I R T U E . i.e. patience, generosity, courageous, humility.

3. Practice S E L F - C O N T R O L and delayed gratification to build sustainable satisfaction.

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