• Hannah Mento

Stop Making Meaningless Sacrifices.

The most frustrating thing about the work-life balance debate is when you are at work, you feel like you are sacrificing things in your personal life and when you're enjoying your personal life, you feel like you're sacrificing your career.

Why do so many young professionals feel like this?

Most of us think about what we want out of life or how we'd like to live if we weren't chained to our 9-5, which usually involves something along the lines of traveling the world to wherever we want and getting what we want when we want it.

I'd bet this wouldn't make you t r u l y happy. You might be happy for a month or two, but let's talk long-term. Work isn't going anywhere because contributing to society is a human need. It goes along with the need to have purpose in this gigantic overwhelming world. Your work whether it is corporate work, volunteering, social service occupations, or entrepreneur; gives a sense of purpose to an individual's life. The magic question no one seems to ask himself/herself which could alleviate the frustration of always feeling like work or personal life are being sacrificed: How is the best way to live?

It won't m a t t e r how you get what you want if you don't have what you need. The best way to live will provide you with the things you need and allow you to want what will bring you true happiness. (I've been vlogging recently about pleasure and satisfaction, so this may be repetitive). Getting what you want is pleasure and only performs for you in the moment. Obtaining what you need gives you long lasting satisfaction and happiness.

Which do you prefer?

I'd prefer to not feel like I am c o n s t a n t l y making sacrifices in all parts of my life. Finding the right way to live my life allows me to enjoy you personal hobbies and life events and also enjoy my daily job. Each part is just as important as the other.

Decades ago, the corporate world asked: How is the best way to live?

Their answer: work-life balance.

This question needs to be asked and answered by individuals, because each person's answer will be a little different. If you are a frustrated young professionals, I'd urge you to think about how the best way to live could change your perspective on the parts of work or your personal life that annoy you the most?

Without all the distractions, influences, and insta famous anomalies of the world, let's answer this question for ourselves.

Realistically, how is the best way to live? Why will it be worth it for us to live this way? When could we get started on this life?

Your answer will end in happiness.

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