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The Greater Purpose

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

I've loved interviewing young professionals since I started Mento Mindest and hearing about the success of the ones who are happy, but also learning the root causes of the frustrated individuals. For the past 6 months, I've been learning more and more about what creates success in the mind of a young professional in order to help those clients who feel undervalued and underutilized. I've been collecting feedback to teach the solutions through my career coaching program called Power to Promotion. Here is one of the solutions.

There are two themes that repeat themselves in almost every single interview I have with a young professional who believes he/she is successful or sees success in his/her future.

1. Purpose - a young professional's role each day has a greater meaning of impacting people in a positive way. They are confident that the work they put in is making the world a better place... What a great feeling as an individual.

2. Mentorship - This one is especially interesting to me because so many young people have so little guidance in their career. The frustrated young professional who asks for my help has never had a mentor. The successful young professional always talks about the people and mentors who helped them reach their success.

These young professionals are grateful for the lessons they learned and proud of the work they've done even if they haven't done it all on their own.

How did they find their mentors?

- Some stumbled upon their mentor when someone in upper management reached out to them for input or showed interest in them.

- Some had been assigned their mentor

- Some asked for help from a co-worker who ended up becoming their mentor

(the ways are endless)

But the impact of that mentor is simple... with little effort, these mentors provided e x p e r t i s e, s u p p o r t, and g u i d a n c e. With these three easy parts of mentorship the young professionals I've interviewed had the confidence to keep moving forward on bad days, stopped questioning the unknown of their position and industry, came to terms with frustrations because there was someone to support them and provide reasoning, and most importantly - gave them the understanding of what their career purpose truly was.

Each time I talk to another young professional who tells me about a mentor who helped them reach their success, it becomes more and more apparent how a mentorship program could impact the overall success and happiness in our young ambitious career professionals of today.

If you're a leader in your company and want to make in impact on the progress and productivity of your team - maybe this is the time for you to start a mentorship program. If you're a young professional looking for a solution to your frustration or searching for the tools, keep he eyes wide open for a mentor. They are out there and they want to help YOU.

Mentors offer purpose when you can't see it yourself. They have a greater purpose.

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