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The Right Team and Work

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

How does your team affect your everyday work ethic?

Different teams have different functions, personalities, and sizes. Every single team is stronger together. For centuries, we’ve proved we are more effective and engaged when we have a team to contribute to and a common goal to work towards.

- 2 heads are better than one

- Great minds think alike

- You can go fast alone or you can go far together

Although some people work very well alone, most don’t. Not only does their work suffer, but frustration rises when they don’t have support throughout the bumps in the road.

In a conversation I had with Neil Andrews, he said, “A team is a necessary part to help and support each other.” I had the opportunity to speak with him about his various positions in his career. Having an engaged and supportive team was a requirement for him when taking his current role at Toast.

Most of our lives we’ve been attached to a group.

- Our family

- Play group or daycare when you were little

- First classroom full of classmates

- Sport teams

- Clubs

- Band

- Friend group

- Graduating class

- Group projects

- Now - work

The beautiful thing about your team is working towards a common goal and sharing similar interests. We work closely together every day and sometimes we know our team members' strengths' better than we know our own. We experience how some one on our team saved a project or contributed in a massive way. We NEED to tell them to continue the productivity. In return we will all find more enjoyment knowing we are an important part of the team.

Don't just talk about this - live it?

Make sure your team agrees on the common goal.

Support your team in their everyday needs.

Ask for help when you're stuck.

Start doing these things and observe how people feel when their strengths are supported and how your quality of work improves when your contribution is appreciated.

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