• Hannah Mento

The Sum of your Wasted Time

How much time have you wasted in your career? The answer should always be none. Every single thing that you’ve learned will play a part in what you do next. Every step that you’ve taken and every decision that you’ve made - you have done for a specific reason.

"You need to trust yourself and you need to trust the decisions that you’ve made in the past because they’ve gotten you to where you are now."

You have plenty more decisions to make and the only way to continue making better and better choices is to have confidence that you will use everything you’ve learned thus far in what you do next and in the future.

One of my clients graduated with a finance degree and she landed a great finance job with one of the top accounting firms in the US. But she hated it so she took a different finance job with a small real estate company and overtime she hated that too so she started thinking what is it that I truly want to do? She told me the only thing she was sure of was she did NOT want to be in finance anymore. She thought, how can I choose my next job without wasting my finance background and everything I’ve learned the past 8 years since I started studying and working in finance? She decided to do a 180 and took a position in commercial real estate. She thought that she was starting her career from scratch and mustered the confidence to take the leap. She thought she would learn from the bottom because it’s a whole new industry and job and all the finance was a waste. But after the first few days in the job, her new boss learned about her finance background and he started pulling her into a lot of the conversations and meetings with big prospects. She learned finance was an important piece to the commercial real estate business. Since she knew how to read the leases and she knew how to understand and build a better case for the client.

She thought that she was starting from scratch but she was growing and developing what she had already built. Who would’ve known finance and commercial real estate are intertwined but the truth is everything you do is intertwined because you’re the one taking those steps forward with your knowledge. Your secret weapon in your work is the sum of all your experiences forming a unique perspective. Nothing you’ve done is a waste. Just keep doing your best and have a little faith because it will all fall together for you.

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