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Find your Sweet Spot

Having the mindset to do whatever it takes to find purpose in every single day is worth the time and effort it takes to create that perspective.

Starting and ending a day knowing there was meaning in it, is the essence of life. This doesn't mean you need to do something astronomical every single day and some days are going to flat out suck, but knowing each day is a drop in the bucket to your goal, is a growth perspective to success. This perspective is easier to form when you are using your talents to work towards you career success.

John Maxwell, in the 5 Levels of Leadership said, "One of the keys to the production level of leadership is understanding how your gifts and abilities can be used productively to further the vision of the organization."

I love productively. Creating the same results in less time, while using less material, or creating less collateral feels like a more successful job done.

I built Mento Mindset because I believe many people are working way to hard doing a job they think they should do instead of choosing the job they were meant to do. UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden, used this strengths approach to help his players shoot for a higher percentage on his team. It is unusual for college players to raise their percentage at this level of basketball, but he created a more effective shooting strategy for them. He would observe the players to find out where their "sweet spot" was on the court. In this sweet spot, the naturally made more baskets. This sweet spot is their strength. He also found spots on the court that were better for a player to pass. With the two simple pieces of information, players were able to raise their shooting percentage.

These players were spending precious shots shooting from places that made it harder for them to get a basket. Everyday young professionals are shooting from the wrong sweet spots and this is one reason they don't feel purpose in their career. Shoot from your sweet spot!!

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