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What do you really need?

On New Years Day, my husband and I were driving home after taking an afternoon hike and he said, "The earth gives you everything you need!"

It really got me thinking...

He was talking about how alive he feels while hiking and doing adventurous things in nature. His argument was everyone should take the time to enjoy nature and spend time in the woods. He feels like it calms him to get out of the big city craziness and wants to eventually live in the suburbs with tons of land and tons of woods surrounding him.

Since Nature has been proven to bring calmness and relaxation to people's daily lives (i.e. the increase of plants in office spaces), I don't think he is wrong about the earth giving us everything we need, but (my infamous 'but'...). But there is obviously an important and logical reason why such cities were created and have grown to be such popular places to live.

The most obvious reason is cities are where the "good" jobs are. Companies settle in cities because they want the best new and fresh talent. Young Professionals go to the big city to make a name for themself. Cities are where people collaborate; central spots for people to catch up or keep in touch. My rebuttal: People need people just as much as they need nature (maybe even more).

Alone time is nice (so I'm told haha)... Most introverts will tell you they need alone time to recharge, which speaks to the calmness in nature, but people can't survive without people. People interaction drives so much of the progress in our world today. One reason technology and business are growing and moving so quickly is because people can share information and build on each other's ideas like rapid fire.

- In the film, Cast Away, Chuck Noland named a volleyball, Wilson to try to create human interaction while he was stranded on an island (in the middle of nature lol).

- In the Harvard Study of Adult Development (a.k.a. The Harvard Happiness Study), men were studied over an 80 year period and research proved that embracing community helps us live longer happier lives.

- Simon Sinek says Millennials are largely unhappy because they "don't even have to learn the social coping mechanisms..." to survive adolescence. They turn to instant gratification of social media and technology instead of using their human interaction.

It is clear that we need human interaction but we can for sure get from the earth what we can't get from our smart phone. I'd argue it is a healthy mix of both nature and people.

Learn what gives you joy and pay attention to when you need to turn off the T.V. or cell phone to spend time building the relationships around you.

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