• Hannah Mento

What have you agreed to?

Whether you like it or not, you've made agreements with yourself that either energize fear or love. Fear gives away and uses energy, but love conserves and gains that energy. Which one will lead to a richer daily life?

- Obviously Love-

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is a little green book used to rebuild or realign your values with your goals in life. This lesson will help your relationships with other people, society, yourself, and God/universe/whatever you believe in.

1. Be Intentional with your Thoughts and Words: They will lead you in the direction you go and are the reason you've landed where you are now.

- Stop the gossip; it yields miscommunication

- Talk the talk and Walk the walk in the direction your dreams are.

- Think in the direction of abundance, success and freedom

- Stop ignoring your own ideas when you can provide v a l u e to a situation

2. Don't Take Anything Personally: you're assuming everything is about you and it's simply not. If it is about you, and you take it personally, you're just drinking the kool-aid and by kool-aid, I mean poison.

- Thinking everything is about you is kind of selfish

- Becoming offended by something you "think" is about you, when it is actually not, is wasted energy.

- You become offended out of fear, not truth

- Forming opinions according to your belief system, makes them "feel" real

- If you are happy on the inside you can show it on the outside.

- Ruiz says, "It is painful to take off our social masks" but this is the only way to seek the truth

3. Don't Make Assumptions: Assumptions turn into unverified facts. Over time, they develop into beliefs. And those beliefs are followed, defended, whether proven right or not. See the dangerous cycle? I'll spell it out again

a. make the assumption

b. become offended by the unverified idea

c. blame the other person for the insult you made up.

- perceive things the way you are, not the way you a s s u m e them to be.

- if you're not sure, clarify! ask questions! find the truth first!

- You can't assume you know what everyone wants or that anyone knows what you want.

4. Always do your Best: Take action on the first 3 agreements. Your best will change from time to day so prepare yourself.

- get enough sleep

- take care of your health

- spend time on relationships

This way, you can truly be your best. When things go wrong and stress seeps in, realize not every day is p e r f e c t. Give yourself a break when you're best doesn't seem as great as yesterday. Not every day or week will feel like a 10. Sometimes we're at a 6. Just don't let your best stay at a 6, work towards that and believe you will find a way to get there.

More next week on who does their best and how by Brene Brown!! Enjoy.

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