• Hannah Mento

What if the right time never comes?

It’s natural for people to put things off because they don’t feel like it.

Examples of things we put off all the time:

- Making it a habit to wake up earlier

- Going to the gym after work instead of sitting on your couch binge watching Netflix

- Washing the dishes instead of letting them pile up

- Taking the time and energy to look for a new job if the one we have isn't right for us

- Muster up the confidence to prove why you deserve a raise

No one feels like doing these things. The more you put them off and do the status quo, the more bored and dissatisfied you will become.

I’ll let you in on a little secret...

You’re NEVER going to ‘feel’ like doing any of these things

Does this resonate with you at all? Do you want to be successful and respected in your career? Then stop waiting to feel like it. Take a look at your life. Really look at it. Look at all the things you have put off.

As a young professional on your own and creating your own life, you have full control. No one is forcing you to get off the couch or eat healthy. No one is forcing you to step it up in your career and build a perspective that will drive your ambition.

You need to make the decision to lead yourself to where you want to go. The first part of that decision is doing the things you don't feel like doing because at the end of the day, they will fill the urges of your basic needs and will create the opportunities you'll need to build this dream career.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Think about the successful people you know. I'm not talking about J. Cole or Kylie Jenner success. I'm talking about successful people who you personally know in your life who you look up to.

Do you think their life was handed to them by just doing the status quo?

Do you think someone tapped them on the shoulder one day and said "come with me and I'll build your career for you"?

Absolutely not.

They went trough trial and tribulation time and time again - Not for a few months or for a couple years, but off and on for decades until they "made it"

So let's take a stance.

Not tomorrow.

T O D A Y.

Let's decide what type of person we want to be and how we want to take on the things we hesitate from doing but want to get done.

Let's choose the uncomfortable choice and feed the starving basic needs we have.

Your future self will thank you.

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