• Hannah Mento

Why I don't make New Years Resolutions

For as long as I can remember, I've been determined to only make promises I know I can keep.

When my parents wrote up a contract listing out all the house rules and attitude expectations that I needed to promise to follow in order for them to send me to drivers ed when I was 15 (including but not limited to; I will not slam the door when I'm mad; I will not talk back; I will not raise my voice at my little sister...), I couldn't sign the contract. I couldn't p r o m i s e one of these actions wouldn't slip out on a bad day. I was trying to keep my word.

Made sense to me as a teenager.

The definition of 'resolution' is a firm decision to do or not do something. You can make the decision to do a n y t h i n g, but can you follow through? Can you keep your word?

12% of people are join a gym as their New Year Resolution - Delta Dental Survey '18

67% of Gym memberships go unused - USA Today '16

I would like to rename these New Year Resolutions - New Year Habits. Other than not following through on you resolution, my other problem is everyone hypes it up once a year. I want to make lasting resolutions and build good habits throughout the year to create an amazing life that I love.

Building a habit isn't easy. It can take 21 - 60 days to truly form a new habit and only a couple days to squash a habit, therefore starting back at square one.

If forming good habits and sticking to them were easy, everyone would do it (kind of like how everyone shops online and watches TV shows - it's easy). Since I can't rename New Year Resolutions - to Habits, I'll leave you with this:

When you finalize your new year resolution today or tomorrow,

1. Choose something that will t r u l y enrich your lifestyle.

2. Make sure you can commit to this decision long-term (or longer than just January)

3. Find your 'WHY'; ask yourself why you chose this resolution and why you want to commit to it, because there will be plenty of times you DON'T want to...

- wake up early for the gym

- put the Doritos away

- floss before bed

- read instead of scroll instagram or

- save money and cook in on a Friday night

Your 'WHY' will help you build your habit, so I suggest you keep your WHY close where it can remind you why you're willing to deal with the discomfort to get to the goal.

Cheers to 2019!!

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