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Your Perspective of Snowstorms

Paying attention to my perspective of things that may not be perfect all the time (so everything haha) has given me a sense of P o w e r that I didn't have for awhile.

Obviously I talk a lot about the perspective of your job, position, company, paycheck a lot, and I hope it is helpful for young professionals, BUT this post is a note for everyone. I didn't do this one on purpose, I just observed it today and put it into words, so enjoy and let me know your feedback.

I almost titled this post, Why I love Snowstorms, because most people don't.

- The clean up is time consuming and messy

- It can put a wrench in your travel plans

- You're rushing to the grocery store so you don't need to leave your apartment in the storm

- You feel like you can't leave the house

- It's stressful getting to work

- Sometimes you have car troubles (I got stuck on a hill today in my car because it wasn't really plowed)

If this is what you think when you hear the word 'snow' then we need to change it.

I really do love snow. Possibly because there is typically snow on the ground on my birthday and my birthday is always a GREAT day!! It doesn't worry be when it comes up in my weather app.

Have you ever seen the Grinch? (Jim Carey version) It starts off by going inside the snowflake and explaining how each one is different and unique. It is like mini crystals falling all over the place. Snow is such a beautiful part of the four seasons. A street filled with trees covered in snow is magnificent to me. All of those flakes just sit on the trees and glisten in the sun. Those trees that were an earthy brown are now a sparking white. That's definitely a sight to see.

Here's what else I think of on snowy days:

- I don't feel guilty for being inside. In the summer any moment outside the office, is spent doing something fun in the sun and you want to savor every moment outside, and every bit of sunlight.

- It's a great time to clean up or organize my house

- I get exercise when I am shoveling or cleaning off my car

- I love skiing

- What better excuse to read a book that's been sitting on your night stand for weeks that you haven't touched or binge watch your favorite show, take the time to make your favorite foods!!

I was taking a Lyft the other day and the driver was visiting for a few months from Southern California (should I call this So Cal?) and I asked him how he has liked the Winter months. He said the same weather everyday (sunny and 75) can get really boring after awhile.... think about his perspective.

I believe if you're anticipating something (snow) is going to annoy you, then it (snow) is going to annoy you.

If you plan on it (snow) being a great, most likely, you'll have a great (snowy) day.

Good luck guiding your perspective in the next 'storm' of you life.

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