"Having Hannah work with our company on finding and realizing our strengths was great! She brings a passion to her presentation that leaves you feeling energized and ready to dive back into your work. Her Thought Jogger exercise was particularly helpful - I realized a few strengths that I don't always recognize in myself and this shift in confidence was exactly what I needed. I know a number of my colleagues felt the same and it was really sweet that we all learned how to better support one another. I would recommend working with Hannah in any capacity you are able. Whether it's in person work, a few phone calls, or even an email exchange you will leave your interactions feeling empowered and supported!​​"

Heather C.

"My company brought Hannah in for a workshop about utilizing our strengths. It wound up being so much more! Not only did she enlighten us with her own stories of triumphs and failures but she energized the room. Everyone was not only reminded of the great strengths they possess but what skills coworkers and friends admired of them. I personally had a new sense of confidence and energy to go take on whatever challenges the future is going to throw at me. Now, I look to see how I can incorporate her teachings into my everyday routine."

Ben W.

"Coming out of the course, I come in everyday, knowing the value that I bring to my team and my organization, I have built a firm level of trust with my boss that he even entrusted me to take over a manager escalation case and a project that improves the automation in our system to allow my team to become more efficient by achieving better results in a shorter amount of time."

Alexandre E.

"I feel energized and ready to take on the day with my strengths after last night's call...when you are in front of me, with energy and knowledge, it like REALLY helps a lot. [Hannah] you're just really good in front of people and I just wanted you to know your teaching last night amped me up."

Taylor P.

"It was uplifting to recollect the path I've taken and remind myself of my purpose. Cheers to you and the work you do with other young professionals! If anyone is questioning where they are at career wise, not sure of their purpose, or are looking at a new way or perspective of approaching their career, I strongly recommend you check out what Hannah Mento is doing with other young professionals!"

Chris A.

"After an initial phone call in which she asked detailed questions and asked me to think more critically about my actions and how they might be perceived, she was able to help identify some of the issues and some of the ways in which the approaches I had tried weren't working. After hearing some of my goals and reasonings, Hannah gave me a couple suggestions of things to try with my staff, and we set a time to check in the following week. I ended up having a breakthrough moment with my staff after trying one of Hannah's suggested approaches! My staff not only seemed to be more motivated, but she seemed to be more content with being at work! I was relieved. As someone who is always trying to learn and grow, I found my conversations with Hannah to be exactly the help I was searching for the past couple of months."

Aly S.

"I first got introduced to this course when I was reading Hannah's blog posts on the Mento Mindset Facebook page and I thought to myself: This is how I feel and this is so relate-able to my life right now and that's how I knew that this course was the right thing for me to do at this point in my life. The talks that we had with our group members were so rewarding because we all went through these challenges and we all were going through similar situations and were able to see each other grow and come over these challenges. That was something we could bond over. Throughout this course I came to realize I have so much to offer at work and I'm the best person for the job that i'm already doing and i myself can make it build into something more than what I thought it was. This course made me realize that I have the power and I now enjoy going to work because I have all these skills that I didn't realize that I had." 

Amanda D.

“Mento Mindset coaching has been a valuable resource and has helped me on my path to grow professionally and personally. Hannah gave me space to talk through the things that were on my mind, giving me a higher level of clarity which led to an increased level of productivity. I felt I was not always living up to the expectations I had set for myself. Hannah helped me recognize when those expectations were not serving me, and how I could shift my mindset to battle through the resistance we all face. I can’t thank Hannah enough.”

Connor H.

"Not only did Hannah engage the room across all departments from developers, to sales, to account managers, to executives alike, but she was also able to express her story in such a way to truly motivate her audience. The exercises she had us go through left me with confidence and excitement to grow both personally and professionally while keeping in mind my greater purpose in life."

Steve T.